open call (now closed)

task: please record 4 minutes. during the first 2 minutes, you repeat "i do not deserve housing" and then, without stopping the recording, you switch to saying "i deserve housing". you can also choose to say "you do not deserve housing" and then "you deserve housing" instead. i used "you": my voice was my internalized oppressor and the "you" was just me.

why?: if we were all clear that we and others are entitled to housing, things would change.

fee: $15 (my hourly wage when i work; please do not work for more than one hour); will be paid by the GNO.

please send your recording to:
clowittmann at gmail dot com

claude wittmann, May 26, 2020

Carolina Reis, May 30, 2020

Danielle Tremblay, June 8, 2020

Laura Demers, August 6, 2020

Lo Bil, August 12, 2020

Leena Raudvee, August 15, 2020

more about the why: during my 2020 first of three housing crises since, my mind was getting trapped between my lack of action to reconcile with the land i am on and the people who took care of it before settlers came, and my internalized oppression from being different from mainstream, a transgender individual unaccepted by blood family, disabled which is a label i however proudly identify to to reclaim it, and from being a recipient of the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). i generated thoughts that were telling me that i do not belong here and do not "deserve" housing. solving the knot behind this will need deep embodied work but the generated mindset is pollution that only paralyzes me and also my advocacy for housing for all of us. hence the recordings as political brain repatterning.