demanding housing

vision statement

we are a group of 5 Tkaronto/Toronto artists identifying as invisibly disabled and living in precarious housing situations because our incomes are largely under the poverty line.

we believe that it is high time for Toronto and Toronto arts organizations to shift to a vision in which artists' basic needs, including our right to housing, are part of the art that they support.

we have been working together towards improving the lives of our community since 2021. our work ethic is anchored in disability-justice principles, values intersectionality and interdependence, and respects limitations and differences while aiming at equity and diversity.

our work is a contribution to the "cripping" philosophy among disabled individuals and communities. it is meant to "crip" the Toronto housing system so that disabled individuals find truly safe and affordable homes.

this work will stop if the system were to erect barriers that fail our ethic, health or values.