by Leena Raudvee
during her listening to FM broadcast of Radio Equals with Adrian Blackwell
January 25, 2015

it was spatial and visual. geometry.
as the positions were adjusted in relation to each other, different aspects of equality became apparent.

face to face. a mirroring.
how does it feel?
comfortable confrontational aggressive intimate
slowly walking in circles around the entrance to the conversation about equality but not knowing where the door is 
an organic conversation
how not what. process. a different way of investigating exploring.
how do you feel?
body information
mimicry in relation to equality. action reaction. power. control.
change positions. side by side. who is driving?
less intense more open gender shift
do we have to construct equality or does it just exist?
body telling. body information. resistance from the mind.
how do you feel?
we don't have to feel the same to be equal
we are fundamentally equal but different
our equality is in our uniqueness
are we equal right now?
there is a flickering. is this the door? the door to equal?

from my notes.