"drop-in and i will pay you $15/hour..."

"drop-in..." is a few weeks of the LIFE of a Toronto recipient of the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)in need to take care of his income security (through his sound-based bicycle wheelbuilding) and that of his future (through systemic advocacy).

when pulled to attend to the materiality of survival (body, income, food, housing) and to resist systemic oppression (as people living with disabilities have to do), one needs a long-term safe community open to the urgency. the art then is being in the urgency, not about it, and the aesthetic reduces to the ethic.

thank you to all the workers who dropped-in: Leena Raudvee, Edward Bacal, Jerry Miller, Fabian Mosquera, Simla Civelek, Max Ferguson, Danielle Hyde, Adam Herst, Alan Beatie, Natasha Bacchus aka Courage, Gaitrie Persaud, Tristan Whiston and Heather von Atzigen.

thank you to the organizing, supporting and hosting organizations: 7a-11d International Performance Art Festival, Tangled Art + Disability, bikechain, Switchback Cyclery, and Urbane Cyclist Worker Co-op

we built 4 bicycle wheels using the resonance of spokes to true them. bikechain sold them for $400, which we democratically decided to donate to the Encampment Support Network (ESN).

the wheels and their sounds
the advocacy part

there is no documentation of this project, but there are traces: our accounting book (in the hands of curator Paul Couillard now), the wheels themselves, writings/letters about ODSP and disability, the donation to ESN and the letters to and from Councillors that accompanied it.

our space

wheel building station

advocacy station

i identify as a transman and as invisibly disabled in a reclaim of the label invented by sinister ableism.

my mind balances when i build and true bicycle wheels.
i love the sounds they make.

my wheel building experience