a lot of my work has been/is undocumented for
ethical, political, sometimes for practical reasons,
or to simply try to extract it from the art container.

a few examples:

beet/betterave rouge
Rhubarb Festival, 519 Kitchen, February 10-12, 2012
one-with-one moments of feeding beet to each other
and using clothing and accessories to change gender.

"sticker action" at book launch of "More Caught in the Act:
an Anthology of Performance Art by Canadian Women"
YYZ, Toronto (2016)

live radio:
(no recording and no visual documentation)

- radio equals
(started in 2014, sporadic, Toronto and Montreal)

- radio confessions
(home and public space, Toronto, 2014)

- trans temporary radio
(Montreal, 2013)

2894: refusal of Monomyths
note: the FADO website slipped and records the work
as "2894: refusal of the return" and it shows images
that are not documentation. these stills were taken
during an intermission dedicated to a "photo shoot",
where everybody was equally invited to leave, stay or
shoot, and after the performance.
this note is also valid for
Monomyths Perpetual Calendar.