sticker designed for the cover of
Caught in the Act" (2016)
by Adriana Disman: "Rearranging the bones in my head:
claude wittmann's unresolved depressive anarchist feminism of vulnerability"

i identify as a transgendered and invisibly disabled artist. i have learned from Indigenous guides in canada the importance of recognizing my story and its teachings, including that i am a first generation white settler in canada and a white man with german ancestry in switzerland. my current work emerges from a 15 year long performance art lineage and from the teachings of a crisis time in 2017. it immerses itself in simple real-life actions that address systemic oppression, ableism and transphobia for myself and other artists. my aesthetic brings crisis and survival worries as well as the gestures that they trigger and their teachings to the challenge of being legitimized as a work of art and political intervention at the same time.