(if you want to see documentation,
please email clowittmann at gmail dot com)

2 secret eggs
3h near the lake with Doug Tielli
4 afternoons at bloor and lansdowne with Eric L�tourneau
6 hours with our hearts with Paul Couillard
9 afternoons residency at Occupy Toronto
108 eggs around city hall

a swiss woman …. 
     (invitation to join filmmaker Richard Mandin)
all i can eat
april 11
baguettes et pains au chocolat
beet/betterave rouge
boundary no 1
ce projet commence alors que je me sens castr�e
ce projet commence avec l'homme �tendu devant moi
cleaning our eyes
     (with Sylvie Tourangeau)
chicken on political land
conversation with Joanna Adamiak
correspondance with Claro Cosco
correspondance 2014
     (with Zahra Farhan)
cream white
digging into dirt at don blanche
diptych about death
     (invitation to join Fiona Griffith)
economies of scale
     (invitation to perform in a film by Brenda Goldstein)
EMN: black and white
     (with Leslie Kestin)
faster Xmas
     (invitation to join Kayla Milmine and Brian Abbott)
foreign body
     (invitation to perform in a film by David Rendall)
     (response to JoSimalaya Alcampo)
go to ccfa and say something
     (with Roger Clement)
gods and worms
     (invitation to join Kayla Milmine and Brian Abbott)
     (with Hiroshi Miyamoto)
how do you start social change?
     (invitation to perform for music video by Gates)
internal democracy
     (solo + with Adam Herst, Leena Raudvee, Fides Krucker)
labour day
     (with Simon Rabyniuk and CIUT)
letters to police officer, academics, politicians and editors
little people with little buckets
my body as if it were dead
my first witch piece
our intent is to find the space where we can decide between the real and the non-real
     (with Sylvie Tourangeau)
owning 12 hours
pleasure addicts
     (invitation to join a piece by Brenda Goldstein)
radio confessions
     (collaboration with Coman Poon and participants)
radio equals
     (with human beings, thank you to NAISA, CKUT, CFRC)
responsibility in my breast
responsibility paper
     (with Siml� Civelek)
rooster and moustache on a map of Toronto
     (with Siml� Civelek)
sea-watching C
     (invitation to join a choreography by Mari Osanai)
     (with Claro Cosco, Michelle Haines, Grey Muldoon, Holly Timpener, Kaia Vintr)
shame flag
     (thank you Trans March 2012))
slide into life
     (with Lo Bil, Leena Raudvee, Johannes Zits)
sound from the land - Markit
sound residencies at somewhere there
     (with Doug Tielli; later with Grey Muldoon, Siml� Civelek, Kaia Vintr and Holly Timpener)
     (with Paul Couillard)
temporary trans radio
     (with Soufia Bensa�d, Morgan Sea, Sarah Zaka�b)
transform the internalized oppressor
the antilope and the police
the chicken will arrive at around 2:30pm
     (with one of Ron's hens)
the posture of the embrace
     (with Sylvie Tourangeau)
transform the internalized oppressor
     (invitation by filmmaker Geoffrey Pugen to self-direct a certain intent)
when there is no cat anymore
why are you here?
workday of the disorganized body

curated/open call
24 h of butoh and it is not butoh
demons of repetition and completion
may 6, june 10, july 14 at 17 paton road
new moon exploration of some of the dark side
new moon: let's try to have all our cells commit to "beauty" (intent borrowed from Deborah Hay)
_on friday we see their work and on saturday they respond to it
they perform on friday and on saturday they respond to friday
trying something new

dirt and digging
exploring creativity in depth
     under the direction of Austin Clarkson
authenticity, integrity, identity, equality
     in workshop with Sylvie Tourangeau
gender identity in my process
my current body paper on gender
something about death
something about gender I and II
something about public space
transform the internalized oppressor
vacate no 16
my gratitude goes to

Brian Abbott

Colin Anthony
Marilyn Arsem
Parmela Attariwala
Lakshmi Aysola
Alan Beattie
Soufia Bensa�d
Lo Bil

Adrian Blackwell
Dawne Carleton
Henry Chan
Siml� Civelek
Ryan Clark
Roger Cl�ment
Shannon Cochrane

Greg Cook
Alison Cooley

Cynthia Cooper
Vanda Cordier
Darren Copeland
Claro Cosco
Paul Couillard

LeeLee Davis
Adriana Disman
Milada Disman
Zahra Farhan
Colin Fisher
David Francovich
Alexandra Gelis
Fiona Griffiths
Brenda Goldstein
Felix Heeb

Adam Herst
Susanna Hood
Paul Ibey
Ed Johnson
Leslie Kestin

Fides Krucker
Jill Lazenby
Eric L�tourneau
Jeff Luciani
Richard Mandin
Kayla Milmine-Abbott
Matt Miller
Hiroshi Miyamoto
Grey Muldoon
Yumi Onose

Mari Osanai
Pam Patterson
Nilan Perrera

Coman Poon
Geoffrey Pugen
Simon Rabyniuk
Leena Raudvee
Kathleen Rea
David Rendall
Clive Robertson
Jim Ruxton

Morgan Sea
Kerry Segal

Jo SiMalaya Alcampo
Cara Spooner
Doug Tielli
Holly Timpener
Rebecca Todd

Nick Torok
Sylvie Tourangeau
Atellis Tremblay
Joce Tremblay
Kaia Vintr
Elaine Whittaker

Cameron Willis
Sarah Zaka�b
Johannes Zits