(brackets mean that the person appears several times in the list)

list of readers in Toronto
April 30, 2016 to October 11, 2016

claude wittmann
Adam Herst
Leena Raudvee
Greg Cook
Berenicci Hershorn
Simla Civelek
Miriam Sherwin
Anonymous 1
Alan Beattie
Andrew Stoddart
Julian Higuerey Nunez

list of readers at
Emmanuel United Church in Ottawa
October 29 and October 30, 2016

(claude wittmann)
Graham Campbell
Carol Scott
Areta Crowell
Russ Smith
Calere Boudreau
Jeannie Page
Caitlin Fisher
Harriet Fisher
Stella-Charles Fisher
Jessica Sunter
Robert Sims
Jean Hodgins
Carmen Contreras
Harold Hedley
Wendy McCracken
Mary Turnbull
Joan Foster-Jones
Dave Burness
Bill Meek
Debbie Meek
Malcolm Collins
Nanette Whitwam
Shirley Maguire
Areta Crowell
Christine Johnson
Adam Herst

back in Toronto
starting in November 2016

Shannon Cochrane
Louise Liliefeldt
Sky Fairchild-Waller
Evangeline Holtz
Jessica Thalmann
Aisha Sasha John
Holly Treddenick
Nathalie Duncan
Elizabeth Levitt
Leslie Smyth
Thomas McKechnie

"2894:Refusal of MONOMYTHs"
curated by Shannon Cochrane and Jess Dobkin
Theatre Centre, February 16, 2017

Sage Lovell
Amanda Hyde
Fiona Louise Griffiths
(claude wittmann)
Serena Lee
Adriana Disman
Alison Cooley
Daniella Sanader
Cara Spooner
Paul Couillard
Ed Johnson
Mike Hoolboom
(Simla Civelek)
(Sky Fairchild-Waller)
(Elizabeth Levitt)

after February 16, 2017
Philip Ottenbrite
Jess Dobkin

Community reading at the
constituency office of City Councillor Ana Bailao
March 24, 2017 - 11am - 2pm

(Leena Raudvee)
Karen Turner
Heather Steeves
Elaine Maloney
(Simla Civelek)
Hillary Hall
Ulli Diemer
Alexandra Wren
Stephen McCammon
Don Weitz
Ann Ball
Juana Berinstein
(Adam Herst)
(claude wittmann)
Ana Bailao

after March 24, 2017
Kelsy Vivash
Tanya Woodhead
Antonia Lancaster
Jenn Cole

if you are interested in reading
1) please send an email to: clowittmann at gmail dot com
2) we give you an iphone for one week, which has simple apps for reading and broadcasting
3) we also give you a little booklet that gives precise instructions if needed
4) you choose a place and a time
5) you read and broadcast live; the app also records your broadcast
6) you press a button on the phone to dropbox the recording of your broadcast
7) you give us the cellphone back
8) your broadcast is posted on the radio to be looped as a recording, unless you do not want to
9) if you want to contribute to the costs of the projects (up to now: $384+$51/month),
please contact claude at clowittmann at gmail dot com