when: July 1st, 2017; August 12, 2017

territory: stolen land
they stole the land, i steal the land, i want to return the land, i live here
i am slowly dying of being complacent with (the) unacceptable (violence)

Treaty no 13 (1850) + Settlement (2010) between Canada and the Mississauga of New Credit First Nation
a Treaty is a beginning of a relationship, it is not a statement of ownership
where, exactly: Common's area on 4th floor, near FADO office, 401 Richmond Street West (thank you FADO and Shannon Cochrane)
ironically, we might soon loose 401 Richmond to a hike of property taxes
who: Lo Bil, claro cosco, Adam Herst, Grey Muldoon, Julian Higuerey Nunez, Leena Raudvee, Wing Yee Tong, claude wittmann

- gift 1: "worrydoll resembling Muskrat", for whoever needs it; picture up on the right, on this page; currently helping claude; gm's on July 1, 2017

- gift 2: mini booklet of thoughts up until August 11, 2017; cw's on August 11, 2017
- in July, we felt a deep urgency to face the trauma of our country and we argued on different ideas; we came to think that, those who identified as non-Indigenous among us needed to start a process of "unforgetting", face their own internalized oppressors, rediscover how to be in solidarity and how to share embodied agency. - in August, we were a group of four people and we tried to verbalize our individual connections to land. the sense of urgency had subsided. we were starting something, maybe.

- it is now November and the container of UNsettling has failed to self-propagate and sustain the solidarity that felt needed in July and August. No communication between the participants, no communication with FADO or FADO followers.
- claude's conclusion: solidarity needs MORE to survive.
- Is UNsettling's failure to generate solidarity a proof of Christine Migwans' vision of death in the colonial mind?

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- Decolonization is not a metaphor
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