UNsettling JULY 1st, 2017
Common's area on 4th floor, near FADO office 401 Richmond Street West (thank you Shannon Cochrane)
Contributors to/visitors on the day: Lo Bil, Simla Civelek, Claro Cosco, Adam Herst,
Julian Higuerey Nunez, Grey Muldoon, Leena Raudvee, claude wittmann

is there a collectively designed action that Toronto performance artists would agree to do in their own contexts, at least once over a year?

the readings are overwhelming
we are on stolen land
I stole the land
I live here

table for readings
i do not know how to truly meet with an Indigenous person
i am trying
i want to find a way to share agency
if my frustrated mind produces an exciting revolutionary idea,
and i start to think that this is "the" idea, i am acting from my colonial mind
area for feeling

i am terrified of making a mistake
i will make mistakes

Indigenous poet Gwen Benaway says:
Indigenous and white people can
support each other, but even in the middle of support
there is still a (social) war
Resilience, Represenation and Colonialism,
discussion panel, April 26, 2017

one spot in the process room
object and process room

i do not understand
the depth of legal jargon
i feel responsible to decolonize my mind,
take responsibility and separate
from my own internalized oppressor.
when i do that, i become a mentally apparently
dysfunctional young boy. aren't we all apparently
dysfunctional when we let go of the oppressor?

it is surprisingly in the liquefied area of my trauma mind
that the source of this political work truly is.
"Creativity is about becoming responsible for something."
- Jerzy Hausner, in "The Executive Movement",
in Forget Fear, 7th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, 2012

discussion couch

we are complacent in a system that exploits our priviledge to oppress
our Constitution is illegitimate
UNsettling work decolonizes/liberates (us too)
we would like to return the land
we could declare ourselves as refugees of Indigenous Peoples
should we work towards creating a new type of Constitutional Assembly?

UNsettlingCANADA150 by Indigenous activists, Idle No More and Defenders of the Land

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