why radio?


- i do not know

- radio speaks to the unknown

- ce projet commence alors que je me sens castrée pushed me outside of white and black boxes, into whatever i call the "real" and it asked for a focus on voice.

- when i narrow-cast alone on the mic, maybe on the street, i hear my voice twice, it gives me the sensation that i exist. if i voice my vulnerability at that point, my heart opens, i feel a seed of communing with the human in us and i get a glimpse of what it is to feel equal to others. if i can look at you and see our mortality at this moment, then i come back to my body and feel that we are equal and it is so obvious that i can only laugh at how absurdly we live.

- when you are on the microphone and voice your vulnerability, i feel i am with you, although separated, with no impulse to take care of you. radio takes care of you.

- radio gives the listeners, the audience, the freedom to listen or to walk away.