radio equals (RE)

consisted of one-on-one egalitarian conversations about equality, in an as egalitarian way as possible

live, on FM narrowcast (12W transmitter/amp) and/or FM broadcast (CKUT,CFRC) and/or internet webcast (NAISA, Wikiradio UQAM, RE-dedicated internet radio)

curated by 7a-11 International Performance Art Festival (2014), Adriana Disman and Rats 9 in Montreal (2015) and Alison Cooley at TPW gallery in Toronto (2017)

no recordings (except for 2 conversations)

instead, writers were invited to write during the conversations or guests were invited to organize their own radio equals after mine with them

RE at TPW (2017)

writings about RE

why radio?

participants: Christian Bujold, Milada Disman, Clyve Robertson, Ben Portis, Jacqueline van de Geer, Eric Boivin, Allison Burns, Adriana Disman, Alison Cooley, Derek Reid, Jessica Reid, Adrian Blackwell, Leena Raudvee, Zhara Farhan, Julian Higuerey Nunez, Rodgrigo Marti, Rohan Ramsay, Yaniya Lee, Genevieve Flavelle

at the 7a-11d 2014 Festival, the participants in "landsgemeinde" voted on their commitment to have a radio equals conversation after the festival. one photo of this moment and another of the space around RE at this festival were later used, in collaboration with photographer Henry Chan, to create postcards that acknowledged that RE had no chance of triggering systemic change.