radio confessions

participants were invited to broadcast a "confession" while being at sight distance from their listeners. sometimes, they would be offered to choose who could listen to them. everything was live, with absolutely no recordings.

started as a process in my studio
later became a collaboration with artist Coman Poon
often with photography of the broadcasters by Henry Chan, but only for them

- local-FM narrowcast (12W) from
Railway path at Wallace and Dundas West and Riverdale Park East, Toronto

- local-FM narrowcast + internet streaming by NAISA from
Dundas Square and, for 4 sunday sessions during the Deep Wireless festival curated by Artistic Director of NAISA, from Artscape Wychwood Barns (May 2014)

why radio?

acknowleged as work by other artists:
comment by anonymous after their confession
comment by BS after their confession
comment by LB after their confession