failure postcards

photographer Henry Chan and i collaborated in 2018 to create 3 postcards which were coincidentally printed the day i lost a job i loved, i.e. may 31st.

since, other postcards have been created, one as minimal action 4 and another as a tribute to dear ally writer and activist, and Toronto musician Justin Haynes.

i mean these cards as manifestations of the failure that my past performance work has come to represent for me. this work created ephemereal communities of ephemereal experience and psychological transformations that made us feel good for a few hours but could not act against the systemic forces that deconstruct them again. my art failed to address what systemic changes i/we need to improve our own lives. it failed to trigger the politically-minded long term solidarity i need, failed to provide me with some income security and a sense of safety. it made me feel disengaged from my own life. maybe these cards indent a cut into the barrier between art experience and life experience while creating another type of bridge.