eggs of no hope

it is 2011. i have recently performed chicken on political land, a symbolic gesture in memory of the police violence at the 2010 G20 protests. we are still in 2011. the Conservatives are threatening to take power. i feel powerless and i decide for a poetic action. i go "lay" eggs in front of the doors of my neighbours on Landsdwone Ave before the ontario elections. on each egg, there is a sentence i write asking to not vote for the Conservatives. then, i continue being a polite chicken laying eggs and this time, i do it around City Hall. my messages are for (against) Rob Ford.

hopes that my art would ripple towards systemic change

shame flag

radio equals
"shame flag" was a performance-speech at the Toronto Pride Trans march; one volunteer accepted to carry my flag during the march and to repeat my speech somewhere else

"radio equals" et "landsgemeinde" were conceived to try to spark some systemic change. i discovered that intents realized in an art container (festival, art space, commission) were perceived as experiences to take in and reflect on, not as sparks towards action.

i was so naive