(this word has changed spelling about 100 times already. can't keep it stable.)
intent: explore as minimally as possible some embodied links between voice/noise/sound and equality
on National Equality Day, April 17, 2016
Array Space, 155 Walnut Ave, Toronto ON
- Xuan Ye and Michael Lynn created a superposition of short video film + live movement and clarinet improvisation
"My original motive to create the "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while"
comes from my belief that equality is an utopian idea -- communication is never absolutely
equal through encoding and decoding messages. This is similar to how a musician interprets
a visual score, how human gestures associate with movements of squirrel." Xuan Ye

With links to Michael Lynn's videotaping and editing
- Live coding + movement + voice: Noiqouvdcseality: Ian Jarvis
- Improvised duet: Noiqouvdcseality: David Sait / Brian Abbott
- Radio Equals +++: Noiqouvdcseality: claude wittmann / Brian Abbott / Kayla Milmine-Abbott

- Henry Chan's stills
PLEASE READ, before you look at the stills: COPYRIGHT, DOWNLOADING, SPREADING:
- If you do not want your photographs to be online, please contact Henry at hc916 at yahoo dot com.
- The law says that the Copyright is for Henry only, but Henry agrees to share that right with the performers who appear on the pictures.
- Henry has configured the Amazon link to let you download the pictures, but, please, if you do, make sure that what you do with the still is approved by him and by the other performers on the still (even if you simply want to post a picture on FB or want to use it for a grant application). - When things are agreed, please credit Henry Chan and the performers.
- Leena Raudvee's real-time drawings
"I believe that we learned something about "what is", something about the

unconscious beliefs that create sensations of equality and unequality,
and that we learned more when we dived into the intent than when we tried to be equal." claude