i live further from survival than many.

i live closer to survival than many.

i experienced a crisis in 2017 that taught me that my performance work had been an art of privilege. i had created "experiences" that, even if deeply connected with my life and that of my trans and/or disabled peers, were in a container of art practices that was stiffly staying besides the real-time process and the urgencies of our lives.
past naive hopes for systemic change

my mind was splitting in two. pain and insight came. something had to change. my first steps were to de-document a lot of my work and to create the

(failure) postcards (2017-2019)

now, i put my artistic hopes for systemic change in the real-life process and, when this is where i am, my art is directly in the urgencies of survival.

looking for a safe home, Rhubarb Festival 2022
about Rhubarb 2022, by Elsa Lam in Canadian Architect (2022)
hommage artistique a Ray Laporte 2022
dispossed disabled artists demanding housing (2021-)
a housing crisis is an art piece (2020)
essay on disability and income security (2020)
wheels/politics/panic (2020-2022)
wheels on ODSP (2019-2020)
minimal action (2018-2019)

survival art
tentative manifesto

survival art does not invent a parallel process to life itself
survival art does not add metalayers (ex: documentation, critique) to life unless they are for advocacy
survival art mandates self-care and respects individual limitations
survival art crips art
survival art can speak about bedbugs

survival art validates what is happening in the urgency and the act of survival as artistic gestures
survival art happens in the present, not in production
survival art might be a form of new materialism