sound archive? .... sound travels as a vibration through materials, including our bones. when it goes through us, the level of intimacy that it imposes is similar to that generated by food and drink. i hear a lot through bone conduction and sound can generate ecstasy. when i listen to the pitches of spokes while truing bicycle wheels, standing in the magnetic field they create, i lose myself and i feel protected.
but sound, music and noise can make me vulnerable mentally and physically: stimulus on the right side might be processed as if heard with my left ear; i get overstimulated quite quickly; my overstimulation symptoms, including tinnitus and diarrhea, can go to extremes. drugs do not help.

sound is on a line between horror and ecstasy.

warning: my sounds are closest to the moment they were conceived. they are not processed. maybe they will be of bad quality for your ears.

silent noise

in construction (2023)

activism with an ethic of live only

looking for a safe home (2022)
ODSP on wheels (2019)

pirate FM radio with hopes for systemic change, live only

radio equals (2014-2017)
radio confessions (2014)
trans temporary radio (2013)

sound recordings while in urgency

you do not deserve housing (2020)
my helpers speak (2020)

albums of sound

binaural (2021)
with the wheel (2021)
VLF (2019)
before the wheel (2019)
an(n)als of verbal (2016)


shame of survival mud (2017)
spoke sounds in "Para sa Apu Liling" (2018)

one of my voice improvisations with other musicians

faster [anti]-christmas special (2015)
invitation by Kayla Milmine and Brian Abbott, Array Music, Toronto, documentation by Michael Lynn