silent noise

no microphone or sound recorder i own could faithfully reproduce the noise of a construction site i would have nearby and they would definitely not bring to you the vibrations i experience. and, even if i had the perfect technology, your sound processing would be different from mine and thus i could never share with you what i would like to share.

this sound project then is for you to imagine noise and vibrations.

imagine it is a day of work on construction sites.

imagine you are very skinny; most of the world comes to you through touch, and when there is sound, it invades you like it does for others, but you do not have a silent space inside that could acknowledge the noise while staying in integrity. your silence is fragmented in small pockets which feel like they are constantly poked by the outside world's stimulations and by internalized judgements. in this configuration, your body-mind can become the sound you hear and this makes your mind very vulnerable. your physiology changes. you get diarrhea. your tinnitus goes louder and splits in new pieces.

imagine you are you. you might have more ability to shut away from noise, but it has been months and there is the prospect of another two years. imagine you are unusually tired and irritable. imagine you feel unable to focus. imagine you have trouble sleeping. your digestion is affected. your muscles are heavy or tight. imagine your doctor suggests pills. you have been healthy and happy and have a good job. you do not understand why this is happening.


we are sickened by the privilege taken by those who practice the model of ownership of the land. since when is land something we can "own"? they own and they plan and then they build. probably there was PR and you were invited to a "consultation": "do you want the community garden here or there?"

imagine you live where and how you would feel healthy and could live your life.

construction site

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