acknowledgment of our privilege
draft by claude wittmann,on July 8, 2021

some of us artists have the privilege to be seen as white and/or "educated" and/or cismale and thus to automatically have better access to the basic right to housing.

we acknowledge that most of the activators of this map are currently housed while we know that plenty others are going through grueling housing insecurity.

we acknowledge that during our individual housing crises, we have had access to supports from friends, (chosen) family and artist peers, from organisations such as Workman Arts and the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust (PNLT), from legal clinics, and also, from city councillors and their crews and, even if through fraught city programs, from some city and agencies' housing workers.

we acknowledge that we have not been a resident of an encampment and thus not experienced the City of Toronto's violent criminalizations and evictions.