further from survival than many

i acknowledge my privilege of not experiencing the particular discrimination and violence that immigrants with no status, refugees, Black individuals, persons of colour, Indigenous individuals, Metis and persons with Indigenous ancestry, and many others experience every day.

i acknowledge my priviledge to have the canadian citizenship and to be allowed to live on the land of Tkaronto. "Tkaronto" is the original Mohawk name for Toronto meaning "the place in the water where the trees are standing", which is said to refer to the wooden stakes that were used as fishing weirs in the narrows of local river systems by the Haudenosaunee and Huron-Wendat.

i have started to educate myself through "2894", but i am aware that as a person whose mind is shaped in western wiring, i have a lot more work to do.

i acknowledge that i have the privilege of swiss citizenship too. i have had the privilege to grow up in Switzerland, and to experience the validation of having a PhD. in switzerland, i am a white man with german ancestry and its meanings.

i acknowlege that i have the privilege of a roof at the moment.

in my art practice, i acknowledge that i have had the privilege of meaningful, even if ephemeral, connection with spaces and with others through the practice of butoh and performance art as i performed in festivals, in curated events, in self-produced pieces, in the public space and at home.

i also acknowedge that i have taken the privilege to practice performance art in a way in the past that fostered my personal change and the creation of ephemereal parallel realities with the naive justification that this change would ripple through others and in the end into the systems that i/we wanted to change.

- claude wittmann