every gesture is ideological.
this website writes one narrative.

over my 53 years of life, i have become a body that quickly records/reacts through/with/despite the filters of a slow but still constantly transforming mind and there is a one narrative in which there is a


and, in the end, i think that i am looking for equality and solidarity and maybe this is what i have been searching for all along.

selected works

- UNsettling (2017)
- 2894 (started in 2016, ongoing)
- voice on mixl/r (sporadic)
- radio equals (started in 2014, sporadic)
- trans temporary radio (2013)
- radio confessions (2014)
- waiting (2017)
- why radio?
- noiqouvdcseality (noise/sound/voice/equality)(2016)
- faster (Kayla Milmine and Brian Abbott) christmas special with claude wittmann (2015)
- older sound works

after or about the works

ripples through others
titles and people